HSE & Quality

Fuji CAC Quality Assurance & Control

“Dedicated to delivering excellence that meets and exceeds customers’ expectations in each and every stage of projects and services.”

Corporate Quality Policy Statement

Fuji CAC take pride and honor in declaring the company commitment to satisfy Fuji CAC customer by the culture of Driven to deliver excellence. It has been accredited with internationally acclaimed Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001:1994 for many years and in July, 2018 the Certification was upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 Certificate by Prestige Global TÜV Rheinland Quality Assurance. 

Fuji CAC Internal Quality Management Systems guarantees that all customer requirements are met, all processes are properly controlled and continuous improvement is pursued. All Fuji CAC’s employees are acting upon the protocol that every project conducted in highly flexible way with quality, functionality, on-time delivery, cost-effective and with our customers’ specific needs as principal focus.

Link: http://www.certipedia.com/quality_marks/9105067090?locale=en

Fuji CAC Health – Safety – Environment

“Strictly follow the HSE Policy to avoid any possible incidents. If a task cannot be executed in a safe manner, then we definitely will not do it until a totally safe approach is arrived to.”

-General  Director of Fuji CAC Joint Stock Company-

Health and Safety Basic Philosophy

Health and Safety of Workers take precedence over everything else.

Fuji Electric Health and Safety Basic Policy

1. Health and safety is one of the most important tasks of corporate management at Fuji Electric. High-quality health and safety activities are practiced to make the workplace safe and comfortable, eradicate industrial accidents, and prevent mental and physical diseases.

2. Applicable laws and regulations, and autonomous standards established by the Company, individual business offices and departments shall be observed. Health and safety activities sticking to the basics shall be exercised at all times.

3. All individuals involved in the business of Fuji Electric shall participate in the voluntary health and safety activities as a team and enroot safety culture in the workplace in order to ensure their own health and safety.

4. Health and safety activities focusing on the employees’ health and safety are pursued aggressively in all businesses we conduct. By publicizing these activities, we contribute to the creation of a safer, secure, and more comfortable society.

Company-wide Health and Safety Management Policy

Health and Safety Targets
1. Zero work-related disasters
2. Zero work-related illness
3. Zero traffic accidents

Concrete Action Plans
1. Extermination of Major and Repetitive Disasters
2. Reinforcement of Health and Safety Management Activities
3. Reinforcement of Field Safety and Health Management
4. Promotion of Occupational Health Management and Health Management
5. Reinforcement of Occupational Health Management
6. Establishment of Health and Safety Management Initiatives for Overseas Businesses

Basic Policies on Environmental Protection

Efforts to protect the global environment are a key management issue for Fuji Electric, and with the establishment of our Basic Environmental Protection Policy, we continue to promote environmental management with the goal of contributing to global environmental protection through our business activities.

This policy was expanded to overseas bases in English and Chinese and has been shared with all employees.

Fuji Electric Basic Environmental Protection Policy

Established in 1992 Revised in 2003

Fuji Electric is keenly aware of our social responsibilities as a good cooperate citizen of global society, and we regard efforts to protect the global environment as one of our most important management tasks. We strive to realize a sustainable society through global actions in accordance with the following basic principles.

Kindly refer to the link here: Fuji Electric Basic Policies on Environmental Protection