The basic production process involves batches of raw materials (chemicals) prepared, weighed, and then aggregated in large mixing tanks. Automated controls regulate the mixing speeds and the heating and cooling rates. Once a batch is complete, it is pumped to a storage tank and then from there on to the filling line where the liquid is inserted into the individual package units, i.e. bottles, sachets, etc, that eventually find their way onto the store shelf”; “The right technology and a responsive partner were key requirements when Unilever came looking for a batch control system for its personal care plant in Vietnam” Bob Gill reports quoted from CONTROL ENGINEERING ASIA Magazine, September 2009.

  • Project Name: Homecare Liquid Plant
  • Location: Cu Chi, HCMC
  • Project Period: 02 - 12/2010      
  • Scope of Work: DCS & Batching system for Liquid Plant 2,300 I/Os. Cable & Air Piping Installation Package