Our solid expertise and over 25 years of extensive experience in Electrical, Automation and Instrumentation Systems guarantee the most reliable, high quality and cost-effective solutions for our clients.



At Fuji CAC we focus on building great people who do extraordinary things. Our greatest asset is our people, that includes:


Project management & site execution activities

  • Project Director (+ 18 Years Experiences)
  • Senior Project Manager (+10 Years experiences)
  • Site Manager (+7 Years Experiences)
  • Site Supervisors with expertise in Technical & Safety (Experienced)
  • Project & Technical/Design Engineers (Experienced)
  • Processional Back Office Staff

Our high enthusiasm and professional workforce are well-trained to:

  • Proactive involves all the details of installation, modification, troubleshooting and maintenance programs.
  • Motivated to identify opportunities to reduce operational costs and improve operational efficiency
  • Effectively manage external contractors or suppliers in all process control & instrumentation works.

Fuji CAC team always has the most advantage tools and systems in hand that guarantee reliability and best performance. With the strong commitment of our Senior Project Management Team, Safety Officer, Site Management Team and the most reliable subcontractor, we assure our customers the highest quality, safety and timely completion of projects.



The investments in 3,000m2 workshop are Fuji CAC's determination to ensure our company able to provide the highest quality service standard to take on any critical tasks that our clients request.

Fuji CAC Workshop located at Cat Lai Industrial Park in an area of over 3,000m2, equipped with CNC Milling-machine, CNC punching, Multipurpose Latching, Bending, Cutting, Drilling, Welding machine, Busbar processing machine 3in1, Tester…


Workshop: 938A9, Street A, CatLai Industrial Zone, Dist 2, HCMC, Vietnam


Our solid expertise and over 20 years of extensive experience in Electrical And Automation Systems guarantees the most reliable, high quality and cost effective solutions for our clients.

Main Purpose of workshop

  • To supply Low voltage Switchgear (MDB, MCC, DB) & Control cabinet for End Users/ Contractors & Fuji CAC project.

Benefit that workshop can offer to Clients

  • Supply on-demand Low voltage switchgear & Control cabinet.
  • Offer well-equipped facilities for FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in-house.
  • To complete Fuji CAC product & service portfolio as “one stop shopping”: Design – Fabricate – FAT – Supply – Installation – Commissioning – SAT (Site Acceptance Test) & Hand over. Cover all service and products from workshop.

Cover all service and products from workshop

  • LV switchgear/ MCC, Distribution panel, Control Panel, Gas Analyzer Panel.