Brochure & Certificates

- ISO 9001:2015 Cert
- Trace Cert
- Customer certification: AN completion Cert, HSE Cert of CCBV, Exyte, CCPBM,..
- Success story publication: Hoa Phat, Lever (by CONTROL ENGINEERING ASIA Magazine)


"While Siemens Vietnam did have prior experience of PCS7 projects in the country, these had always been implemented by overseas partners. Thus, the proposal to work with Fuji CAC, a Vietnamese systems integrator, was welcomed by Unilever and firmed up the decision to go with PCS 7 and Simatic Batch for the new Liquid Plant" Bob Gill reports in CONTROL ENGINEERING ASIA Magazine....Read more:


"The system implemented at Hoa Phat Cement includes four S7-400 (417) controllers for the main process stages plus an additional controller (417H) for the kiln to provide a level of redundancy. Profibus DP is used to connect out to ET 200 remote I/O terminals. The majority of process instruments – to measure temperature, flow, pressure, etc – are from Siemens and include some Profibus PA devices. The process electrical system includes standard drives, large drives, and a motor control centre (MCC). There is a total of 3,500 I/O points. Then in the control room, six operator stations (OS) provide process visualization for along the cement production stages; the PCS 7 version 7.0 with Cemat is loaded on a redundant server; and there is a single engineering station (ES) for system programming and maintenance." Bob Gill reports in CONTROL ENGINEERING ASIA Magazine....Read more:

View Fuji CAC Profile PDF here.