Hue, Vietnam

Carlsberg entered Vietnam in 1993 through the joint venture South East Asia Brewery and currently owns 100% of this company. In 1994, Carlsberg acquired 50% of the Hue Brewery Limited (HBL), the market leader in Central Vietnam. Hue Brewery Limited became a wholly owned subsidiary of Carlsberg when the company acquired the remaining 50% in 2011.

  • Project name: Hue Brewery Plant
  • Address: Hue, Vietnam
  • Investor: Carlsberg
  • Main Contractor: CAC Co., Ltd.
  • Project Period: 09/2013-05/2015.
  • Project Description: Power supply & Distribution System.
  • Scope of Work:
    • Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning for new Power supply, Main Distribution Switchgear & Distribution System;
    • Installation, Commissioning and Start up for Generation system, Synchronization service.
    • Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning for new CAN line.