Why choose Fuji CAC

One of the factors contributing to the success of the Fuji CAC in the past over 20 years is the human factor.



whyus_1We are definite "Manpower" is always the core element in the investment, construction and sustainable development. Therefore, training and development is focused. Come to the Fuji CAC, you will be consulted and participate in the training program from the experts and key personnel with many years of experience, and you'll be involved in external training so that you can improve your skills. In addition, we also regularly organizes weekly seminars aimed to share knowledge and experience, etc...






Our conception, the human factor is the fundamental element for the development. Therefore, we develop the regimes and policies of salaries, remuneration and benefits for employees such as consideration commensurate salary increases, annual bonuses; annual company trip; health insurance...




The important aspect contribute the success of the company depends on the working spirit of employees. Therefore, we always toward to build professional working environment and friendly and open to every individual develop creativity, release the potential of themselves thereby creating a difference . All the efforts and achievements of yours have been recognized and rewarded in time.

Fuji CAC JSC also a second home when you work here. Therefore, we always want to give you peace of mind and comfort at work. Hence, we organize group activities to bring the relaxation after work hours as well as increased coherence among employees.