JD – IT Engineer


Job Tittle

IT Engineer


Technical Department

Reports to

Automation Leader/Deputy Manager/Manager of Department

Work location

18 Street 22, An Khanh Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Key responsibilities:

  • Initially, the candidate will be responsible for some functions and simple testing of packaged software development for the industrial sector (work will be directed by the Japanese affiliate).
    After that, as he/she gains experience, he/she will participate in actual projects for customers.
  • Required field of work:
    + IT systems such as manufacturing information management in factories in industry
    In addition, if possible as the next step
    + Automation fields such as monitoring (& control) systems
  • Technology to be used

+ Programming languages: Javascript, C#, HTML/CSS, etc.

+ Database: Oracle

+ OS / Platform: Windows / .Net Core

+ Other software:Visual Studio

* Detailed work will be discussed at the interview.

  1. 2. General requirements:
  • At least 3 years of experience in mainly software development.
  • Cheerful, earnest, proactive, enthusiastic, persistent, and responsible personality.
  • Communication skills: Able to carry out general business conversations smoothly. Must be able to hold simple conversations in Japanese.
  • Accept to go on business (domestic/ international).
  • English/Vietnamese, and Japanese (preferably JPLT: N2 or higher)
  • Background: University graduate in the IT field or higher