"The system implemented at Hoa Phat Cement includes four S7-400 (417) controllers for the main process stages plus an additional controller (417H) for the kiln to provide a level of redundancy. Profibus DP is used to

connect out to ET 200 remote I/O terminals. The majority of process instruments – to measure temperature, flow, pressure, etc – are from Siemens and include some Profibus PA devices. The process electrical system includes standard drives, large drives, and a motor control centre (MCC). There is a total of 3,500 I/O points. Then in the control room, six operator stations (OS) provide process visualization for along the cement production stages; the PCS 7 version 7.0 with Cemat is loaded on a redundant server; and there is a single engineering station (ES) for system programming and maintenance."

Bob Gill reports in CONTROL ENGINEERING ASIA Magazine

Read more: http://www.ceasiamag.com/2011/08/constructing-the-future/